Workout: Jan. 27, 2021

Today’s Zwift workout was all about cadence. I wanted to keep it as close to 95 rpm as possible, and keep up that rate for an hour (bad roads outside, so I’m sticking to my indoor trainer).

Mission accomplished, as I averaged 93 RPMs. My cadence for years has been pretty low, owing mostly, I think, to my work with Peloton (to find out why I got a Peloton, click here). Generally, the Peloton instructors keep the cadence low—at least, low for a regular roadie.

I’d like my normal cadence to stay up over 90. I’ve been getting more comfortable with it at that level. I hope and think this will translate out on the road. My aerobic conditioning is coming around.

I’m also noticing that I don’t care much about mileage anymore, which is an interesting change. It’s about the type of workout, cadence, and power, for the most part.

The numbers, from Strava:

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