Workout: Jan. 31, 2021

Last workout of January, and I went Trainer Road again. Another 90-minute session, like yesterday.

Another day of long intervals, but without the spikes. It was 5×10, rather than 4×12, so a bit more time pushing, although each was a bit less stressful.

The focus was on aero position, as well as cadence. I realized that I could be a good bit more aero than I am, and that I’m essentially giving away speed by being too upright.

Tried to keep at least 85-90 cadence through the intervals, and was over 100 for a fair amount of it. Challenging, but just what I need.

Tomorrow’s officially an off day for my Trainer Road program, so I’ll probably do some Zwifting. Lots of snow on the ground—first snowy season for about five years here in north-central Maryland—so it’s going to be all indoors for the foreseeable future. Not such a bad fate, really.

The numbers, via Strava:

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