A Disappointing Number

My new A1C result is back. It was 6.0, which is in the pre-diabetic range. While that may sound like good news, it’s really not.

My previous reading was 5.7, so my blood sugar has gone up a bit. This isn’t horrifying or anything—I’m still in the same general range, but I was hoping it would have gone down. (To learn more about A1C, what it is, and what the numbers mean, click here.)

When I first learned I had type-2 diabetes, my A1C level was 7.5. So it’s gone down a lot in three years. But it’s still not where I want it. I believe that the new number is the result of too many snacks. And they tend to be less healthy than they should be, although it’s not like they’re Cheetos or Fritos (ah, Fritos. I miss you, ye foine lads). Still, I need to cut them out, and replace them with things like more vegetables.

On the other hand, it gives me something else to shoot for, right? More goals to reach. My next weight goal is to hit 175 (from my current 183.) Then 170 after that. Maybe a late-summer goal? We’ll see.

I eat better than I ever have, but still not good enough. That much is clear. So my next A1C goal is to bring the number back to 5.7. After that, anything under is good, because according to the chart I linked to earlier, that is a normal A1C reading.

And when that happens, I’m celebrating. I’m not sure with what, but lemme tell you, it’ll rock, baby.

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