New Video: How Much Should I Weigh?

We’ve posted a new video to the YouTube site: “How Much Should I Weigh“? In it, Kathy provides an overview of what’s considered a healthy weight, for both women and men. It’s the kind of useful information that you’ll see more of in future videos from our in-house medical expert. (If you enjoy the video, PLEASE give it a “Like” and consider subscribing. Thanks!)

Using her guide of a 5’0 man weighing 106, and adding six pounds for every inch of height, I should weigh about 175 (I’m a half-inch more than 6 feet tall). So, at 183 pounds, I still need to lose about eight pounds to be proper weight. That’s a good starting goal, but I don’t wanna end there.

For women, the weights are a bit less, as you might imagine: a normal, healthy 5’0 woman should weigh about 100 pounds, with about five pounds added per inch. Thus, a 5’5 woman should be around 125 pounds.

Remember, these are only guidelines—many factors affect these numbers, but at least it provides a starting point for knowing if you’re in a good range or not.

This is a crucial thing for diabetics to know as well, since your weight very much affects your A1C score, which is the main indicator of your blood sugar level (for diabetics, the A1C is higher—significantly so—than in non-diabetics. And it can be dangerous).

It’s a short video—one of Kathy’s “Health Minute” entries—meant to provide a very general overview of a topic. Our aim is to produce one of these per week.

I’m still in the “steep learning curve” phase of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, so these videos are taking longer to do now, but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it a bit more every day. So my apologies that these may not follow as regular a cadence as I’m planning on for awhile. Improvements are coming!

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